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Coming Soon: October Horror Gauntlet

Coming Soon: October Horror Gauntlet

Written by dorrk
21 September 2014

In 2013 I had the dumb idea of watching at least one horror/monster movie per day during the month of October. Not for any public purpose, but just as a deranged test of discipline. I wound up watching 34, if you count a couple of non-traditional horror-related documentaries, an old mini-series about the Salem witch trials, and a famed BBC TV special. (You can find the list of movies below.)

I'm gearing up to do the same this year, with another mix of obscure and/or new-to-me titles, plus a couple of old favorites that I haven't seen in a long time. While I might have a handful in mind in advance, for the most part I let my current whim decide. I certainly have plenty to choose from in my personal media queue. Check back next month to see what gets watched. I'll try to tweet and post about it as I go.

Here's what it looked like in October 2013. Movies I hadn't seen before in italics:

  1. Dark Skies
  2. Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1978)
  3. House of the Long Shadows
  4. Legend of Hell House
  5. Magic
  6. Evil Dead 2
  7. Event Horizon
  8. The Conjuring
  9. My Amityville Horror
  10. Bad Milo
  11. Army of darkness
  12. Pan's Labyrinth
  13. Re-animator
  14. Dead Silence
  15. Halloween III
  16. Pacific Rim
  17. House on Haunted Hill
  18. Bride of Re-animator
  19. An American Haunting
  20. Popcorn
  21. The Changeling
  22. Escape From Tomorrow
  23. GhostWatch (BBC TV special)
  24. Sleepaway Camp II
  25. Stake Land
  26. Carnival of Souls
  27. 13 Ghosts
  28. Three Sovereigns for Sarah
  29. The Others
  30. Bride of Chucky
  31. Monsters Wanted
  32. Seed of Chucky
  33. The American Scream
  34. Poltergeist (on Halloween, with my 7-year-old son and 9-year-old daughter)
Coming Soon: October Horror Gauntlet