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Dope Report: 2014/11/09

Dope Report: 2014/11/09

Written by dorrk
09 November 2014

Dorrk's recent media stash


  • Harmontown (2014) — OK doc for fans; very surface.
  • Eyes Without a Face (1960) — Terrific, lyrical French body horror.
  • Austenland (2013) — Meh, despite cute Keri Russell.


Hostage to the Devil by Malachi Martin — Dull recounting of "real" exorcisms. May put it down for something more sensational.


  • The Walking Dead — Better than usual, but still dumb
  • Homeland — Not really into this new season.
  • Downton Abbey — This show needs to be cancelled now.

New Podcasts:

  • Junk Food Dinner — Listened to episodes 1-92 since June. Only 145 more to catch up.
  • WolfPop Network — Crap, more podcasts? Please stop.
Dope Report: 2014/11/09