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Holiday Downers: Tuesday, After Christmas (2010)

Holiday Downers: Tuesday, After Christmas (2010)

Written by dorrk
16 December 2014

If you occasionally like being depressed during the holidays, the finely crafted Romanian drama Tuesday, After Christmas hits the spot.

This lo-fi, realistic look at a husband/father (Mimi Branescu) who chooses the holiday season to come to a decision regarding his extramarital affair features heart-wrenchingly perfect acting, especially from Mirela Oprisor, who is sublime as the betrayed wife. It's one of the most delicatley perfect performances I've seen.

This movie may well bore and/or enrage anyone who likes a neatly packaged Hollywood narrative or is averse to the American mumblecore scene, but it packs an unusually firm punch if you like this sort of thing. And I do.

Holiday Downers: Tuesday, After Christmas (2010)

Trailer for Tuesday, After Christmas (2010)