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Octoblur 2016 - #02: The Boy (2016)

Octoblur 2016 - #02: The Boy (2016)

Directed by William Brent Bell
Written by dorrk
03 October 2016

Kiss Brahms goodnight

Creepy dolls are a ubiquitous horror motif that I, for some reason, find titillating, so The Boy became a must-see for me, even though I doubted it would live up to my darkest desires. Of course, it doesn't: it takes a well-designed title dummy and plugs him into a middling, paint-by-numbers, over-produced and underwritten contemporary C-grade horror movie.

It doesn't help that the twist is very similar to that of a much more fun and wild recent horror movie from New Zealand, but is played out here with far less energy. Overall, The Boy is not bad, but it also steadfastly refuses to be special, despite its potential.

Octoblur 2016 - #02: The Boy (2016)

Trailer for the Boy (2016)