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Octoblur 2016 Ends Now!

Octoblur 2016 Ends Now!

Written by dorrk
02 November 2016

Octoblur 2016 featured 47 horror(-ish) movies totaling over 77 hours, with the quality of the movies ranging from the Top 1% to bottom 1% of my Flickchart. Our traditional Asian Horror Movies Week started with my favorite movie of 2016 so far, the South Korean epic The Wailing (96% on my Flickchart) and bottomed out with the utterly worthless Taiwanese slasher Invitation Only. I revisited some old favorites with my kids — Young Frankenstein, The Sixth Sense, The Village and, my favorite of all 47, Poltergeist — and caught up on a lot of new-to-me movies that have been lurking around the fringes of my Octoblur watchlist for the past few years. Overall the quality was extremely high, with all but three of my choices enjoyable in some regard. Here's how they ranked:

Trailers for Octoblur 2016