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PopGap #02: The Green Mile (1999)

PopGap #02: The Green Mile (1999)

Written by dorrk
22 February 2015

Oscar Nominees: #09 of 20

I'm adding The Green Mile to my list of stupid movies that are considered great because they make tough guys cry. I didn't want to watch this prison-set Stephen King adaptation by writer/director Frank Darabont because I wasn't crazy about The Shawshank Redemption, which was about similar subject matter from the same creatives. PopGap made me watch this movie. I hated this movie.

The Green Mile is a shamelessly manipulative giant steaming pile of cheap sentiment, cardboard sainthood, & cartoon villainy with astoundingly high scores on every movie rating website. Throw in one of the most egregious "magic negros" in movie history and stretch it out to over 3 hours, and you have an utterly loathsome movie that somehow has almost no negative reviews at IMDb.

I'm too disgusted with this garbage to write anymore about it. Here's my Twitter stream while watching it:

PopGap #02: The Green Mile (1999)

Trailer for The Green Mile (1999)