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PopGap #05 Recap: Cannes Prize Winners

PopGap #05 Recap: Cannes Prize Winners

Written by dorrk
31 May 2015

Cannes Winners list complete!

For "Cannes Winners" month I watched the Top 20 movies, according to Flickchart, which have won major prizes at the Cannes Film Festival and that I had not yet seen. Without doing any analysis of the data, I feel like this was, by far, the PopGap list with the highest quality overall. I admired parts of even my least favorite movies from the list, and only really hated parts of two out of 20 movies. I even liked Solaris, which I was dreading. The lowest rating I gave any of the movies on this list was a 4/10, while eight out of the 20 entered my Flickchart Top 500.

Here's how I ranked May's movies, from best to worst:

  1. HARAKIRI (1962) — 97.93%
  2. BRIEF ENCOUNTER (1945) — 97.12%
  3. THE UMBRELLAS OF CHERBOURG (1964) — 96.73%
  4. WOMAN IN THE DUNES (1964) — 96.45%
  5. VIRIDIANA (1961) — 91.34%
  6. THE WAGES OF FEAR (1953) — 89.41%
  7. A PROPHET (2009) — 85.83%
  8. 4 MONTHS, 3 WEEKS AND 2 DAYS (2007) — 85.16%
  9. PERSEPOLIS (2007) — 68.64%
  10. THE PIANIST (2002) — 67.10%
  11. THE LEOPARD (1963) — 64.87%
  12. THE ENIGMA OF KASPAR HAUSER (1974) — 55.62%
  13. Kagemusha (1980) — 54.14%
  14. Z (1969) — 49.92%
  15. THE LOST WEEKEND (1945) — 49.86%
  16. MON ONCLE (1958) — 42.98%
  17. IF.... (1968) — 42.96%
  18. SOLARIS (1972) — 40.61%
  19. PARIS, TEXAS (1984) — 17.30%
  20. ALL THAT JAZZ (1979) — 13.33%

What did I learn?

I learned that it's possible to fall in love with a movie (The Umbrellas of Cherbourg) even after severely disliking its first half-hour. I learned that I need to watch more Japanese movies from the 1960s. I learned that Tatsuya Nakadai is one of my favorite actors. I learned that if I don't write my reviews within a day of watching a movie, they will start to get backed up, and I'll have to write nine reviews in last three days of the month. I learned that, even though there were some low points, I trust Cannes far more than I trust the Academy Awards (although both are susceptible to utter garbage like Life is Beautiful). I learned that I don't need to fear Andrei Tarkovsky (but I don't need to be friends with him, either).

In the next few days, I'll post our theme for June, which will feature 10 movies that are new to me & 11 that I need to re-watch. And I think all of them (except one) are close-to or under two hours each (sigh of relief).


Here are the four Flickchart filters I used to generate May's list:

Most of my progress through this list was live-tweeted here:

This list is posted to Letterboxd here:

I also put all these movies into an Amazon "aStore:"

You can keep track of my up-to-date Flickchart here: