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PopGap #21: Akira (1988)

PopGap #21: Akira (1988)

Directed by Katsuhiro Ôtomo
Written by dorrk
28 September 2016

This happened because you took my bike for a joy ride.

PopGap #21: Akira (1988)


Tweet 01

Watching #Akira (1988) by #KatsuhiroTomo Highly praised, but animation rarely thrills me.

Tweet 02

My attention drifts during anime. I've had to rewind #Akira 5x in 1st 30 mins so far. Lots of unfocused plot.

Tweet 03

Neat visuals in #Akira but it's all plot; character work is limited to drawings. What am I supposed to care about?

Tweet 04

Revolutions, gangs, riots, coups, mutants, powers: #Akira is stuffed full of sci-fi noise. Does it mean anything?

Tweet 05

Every time a character in #Akira explains what they want or think, I understand less about what's going on.

Tweet 06

The last half-hour of #Akira was very little nonsense drawn out to a grueling length.

Tweet 07

W/animation I'm supposed to be swept up by art & not care about plot, dialog or characters. It never happens. #Akira

Trailer for Akira (1988)