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PopGap #21: Cabaret (1972)

PopGap #21: Cabaret (1972)

Directed by Bob Fosse
Written by dorrk
29 September 2016

Everybody loves a winner

PopGap #21: Cabaret (1972)

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Watching #Cabaret (1972) - Celebrated #LizaMinelli musical from dir. #BobFosse Saw it once before, was ambivalent.

not a fan of Fosse

I'm not a fan of #BobFosse style; I like most of #Cabaret so far except for the bold, in-your-Fosse nightclub acts.


Nothing bad in #Cabaret but it only comes alive for me in a few scenes: Minelli's 2 showstoppers & in beer garden.

very appealing

Entire cast of #Cabaret is very appealing & Fosse only bugged me a few times w/his shtick, but I never got involved.

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