Castle in the Sky  (1986)

PopGap #21: Castle in the Sky (1986)

By dorrk, September 29th 2016
I grow tired of your stupid face.

Live Twitter Stream for Castle in the Sky (1986)

Watching #CastleInTheSky (1986) by #HayaoMiyazaki - Started it earlier today w/my kids but it made them too spazzy.


After #Akira last night #CastleInTheSky is my 2nd anime in a row & it's more of the same.

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I might like these characters if #CastleInTheSky wasn't so preoccupied w/steampunk dazzle. Enough Zeppelin chases!


As usual #HayaoMiyazaki nails nightmarish imagery but #CastleInTheSky feels uninspired compared to similar movies.


Now that we're in Laputa & everything's been quiet for 3 mins. #CastleInTheSky is pretty nice. If only this was it.


Villains in #HayaoMiyazaki movies are dull. I'd rather he just let his fantastic worlds breathe w/o canned conflict.


I don't often praise anime dialog but "I grow tired of your stupid face" is a pretty rad comeback in #CastleInTheSky


Wacky action in 1st 90 mins of #CastleInTheSky was numbing, but I liked most of the last half-hour (except villain).


Trailer for Castle in the Sky (1986)

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