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PopGap #21: Certified Copy (2010)

PopGap #21: Certified Copy (2010)

Directed by Abbas Kiarostami
Written by dorrk
29 September 2016

What you're saying makes me hate everything.

PopGap #21: Certified Copy (2010)

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Watching #CertifiedCopy (2010)

Watching #CertifiedCopy (2010) by #AbbasKiarostami Only my 2nd movie of his; I watched #CloseUp a few months ago.

unique perspective

I had no idea what to expect from #CertifiedCopy & it's living up to that. #AbbasKiarostami has unique perspective.

intriguing, surprising

Like #CloseUp #CertifiedCopy is intriguing, surprising, clever & technically perfect, but oddly distant & unmoving.

Trailer for Certified Copy (2010)

PopGap #21: Certified Copy (2010)

Certified Copy (2010)

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  • Movie:
    Certified Copy (2010)
  • A.K.A.:
    Copie Conforme
  • Dir.:
    Abbas Kiarostami
  • Project:
    PopGap #21: Voters' Choice
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