Sansho the Bailiff  (1954)

PopGap #21: Sansho the Bailiff (1954)

By dorrk, September 29th 2016
Without mercy, men are like beasts.

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Watching #SanshoTheBailiff (1954) by #KenjiMizoguchi - It's grim stuff about slavery in classical era Japan.


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Last yr I watched #KenjiMizoguchi film #Ugetsu - Great @ capturing pathos & beauty & #SanshoTheBailiff no exception.


There've been some head-scratcher plot developments in #SanshoTheBailiff but the final act looks promising.


Last 1/2 of #SanshoTheBailiff fell flat. It's beautifully made & a worthy tale, but many character choices lost me.


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  • Sanshô Dayû

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