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Popgap Diary: 2018 in Review

Popgap Diary: 2018 in Review

Written by dorrk
16 January 2019

After a little bit of a break in December, it's cram-time, as I try to fit as many 2018-ish movies as possible into January, so that I can make a semi-credible evaluation of my favorites of the last year.

Complicating lists like this are the wonky release dates for festival and foreign films. Last February, the Hungarian drama ON BODY AND SOUL, one of five Oscar nominees for Best Foreign film at the time, slotted in as my second favorite movie of 2017, but technically, it's a 2018 release in the U.S., so I've placed it on this year's list as well. I'm trying to use Oscar criteria (see this Letterboxd list) and/or Box Office Mojo release dates to determine what counts as a 2018 movie. But I'm not cross-referencing everything diligently, because I'd rather be watching movies.

It's almost exactly halfway through January 2019 as I write this, and I've already watched 25 additional 2018 movies so far this month, getting my total for the year up to 101*, making this one of my best-covered years yet.

I'll continue adding to this list every eligible movie that I'm able to watch during January 2019. It's ordered from favorite to least-liked. I'll fill in with images and past reviews, as time allows.

(Reviews are also posted in my Letterboxd Diary.)

* List updated to 124 and now as complete as it will ever be.

Popgap Diary: 2018 in Review